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Have you considered buying your insurance online? Seems like a great idea until your start answering the questions and you think to yourself, “Yikes, I think that’s what I need…?” Even with enhancements and billions of dollars spent in advertising the online insurance industry has seen a 2 year decline. More and more consumers are getting smart about their insurance and go to agencies like Cambridge Insurance Services because of the agents experience and the knowledge.

Cambridge agents know exactly how and where to get discounts, which carriers offer the best coverage for a particular circumstance, and they are always there for you when a claim is needed. Those are not the only reasons – Cambridge clients enjoy all the conveniences of online services, but they GAIN the oversight of an agent and servicing department that is there for the sole purpose of helping them.

The decline comes at somewhat of a surprise to some experts since the most technical savvy generation is now reaching driving age; but what it continues to prove is that people {no matter the age} want expert help when making financial decisions that can greatly affect their wellbeing.

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