Why Auto Insurance?


Accidents happen. No one knows when, but they are called accidents for a good reason. After an auto accident happens, auto insurance is there to financially protect you against damages that occur to you and/or to another party {if there is one}. Your Cambridge Insurance agent will help you understand what kind of coverage limits you should have and can explain why they are important.

Remember that accidents do not always involve other cars. Animals, ditches, street lights, and extreme weather are just a few of the reasons you may have to submit a claim. Unfortunately, if you are not careful, damage caused by these types of claims may not be covered. Additionally, medical expenses can be part of your auto insurance policy and will help you during the recovery process if you are injured during the auto claim. Cambridge Insurance makes sure you are protected for all the possibilities, but instead of looking at just one insurance carrier, we give you options from all of our A-rated carriers.

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