What is Uninsured Auto Coverage


Did you know 1 in 7 drivers are uninsured?

This is important to remember when you are shopping around for new insurance. Some agents will tell you under-insured and uninsured coverage is not necessary because the state does not require it, but if you get hit by someone who is not carrying insurance what will you do?

Come back to why you pay for insurance coverage in the first place: You are paying for financial protection should you ever need it. However, people will nickel and dime themselves into the lowest payment, often compromising their coverage; only to find out when it’s too late that they needed better coverage.

One of the biggest advantages you will get from Cambridge Insurance is the total protection perspective. We offer several A-rated insurance companies, so you know you are covered, and then you will get several price points. This gives you the best price for the right coverage every time.

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