What is Accident Forgiveness?


Accident forgiveness is a great way to reduce surcharges after an at-fault accident. Accident forgiveness is a great way to minimize risk, especially when you have teen drivers. Depending on your life and family situation you can elect single or multiple accident forgiveness. Do you fall under one of these categories?

Recently added a new or inexperienced driver to your policy. You will find {if you haven’t already} that by adding an inexperienced driver to your auto insurance policy, your rates can increase significantly. There are a lot of risks when insuring a new driver and accident forgiveness helps families prevent a surcharge spike in the event a driver was involved in an at-fault accident.

Extremely busy and high-stress lifestyle. Let’s face it, we all get busy and stressed, but for some, these stresses and distractions carry into our driving routines. A Cambridge Insurance agent would be more than happy to provide a free quote to see what accident forgiveness would cost. In most cases people with great driving records don’t see much of an increase, if any to their annual premium.  Protecting yourself against increased rates might actually provide some stress relief.

Aging eyes. Because of wonderful weather and nice climates, Arizona attracts a very diverse population of drivers, but with extremely bright sun, quick weather changes, and California drivers {just kidding CA we love you!} whether you have aging eyes or not, there can be times when it’s difficult to see.  So when driving with adding conditions like high blood pressure, glaucoma and/or severe cataracts, drivers open themselves up to other risk factors. Adding accident forgiveness to your policy might be something to consider – they call them accidents for a reason, don’t they?

Cambridge Insurance Services has a location in Chandler Arizona and agents from all over the valley. We are happy to answer your questions and provide you with multiple quotes with the accident forgiveness option.

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