Sprucing Up Your Home


Most people don’t realize that insurance companies conduct random drive-by assessments on the homes they insure. If the home has questionable exterior conditions they may also require an in-home inspection. Keeping up your curb appeal not only keeps your insurance company happy, but it helps to maintain or increase your property value.

Not sure what you can do for your home? Try these simple improvements that make big impacts:

Paint your doors. Your front door carries a lot of character and can improve your home’s appeal with a fresh coat of paint. Don’t forget your garage doors! If your garage doors face the street, make sure they are maintained and clean. Garage doors take up a lot of visual space so don’t neglect them.

Improve your house numbers. You will be impressed with how simple changes to placement, color and size of your house numbers will impact the front of your house. A fun trend is spelling out the numbers (i.e. Twenty-One instead of 21) be creative and see how it impacts your house.

Add color to your palette. In Arizona people are happy with Desert landscaping, but statistics show a little color goes a long way in the front yard. Pick up some colorful flowers; most home improvement stores and nurseries even have flowers already in pots ready to be watered.

Add lighting. Pick three features of your front yard to highlight (trees, house numbers or a landscaping elements are great places to start), simply add solar spotlights to those three features and see how the affect impacts the evening view.

These are simple ways to spruce up your curb appeal and keep your home looking fresh and maintained.

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