Product Liability Insurance


Does your business need product liability? This insurance is often over looked by small businesses because there is this misunderstanding that only large manufactures are exposed to product risks. This way of thinking has come back to haunt business owners and in most cases closes their doors because they were not protected like they should.

Across the United States you will find that most jurisdictions comply with a “stream of commerce” way of doing business. Why does this matter? Well, what if you are a restaurant owner and the meat you ordered from another vendor contains some bacteria that hospitalized a large percent of your clientele. Through the “stream of commerce” model, you will be name liable on the lawsuit, along with the vendor you purchased the meat from because you were within that “stream of commerce.” 

Here’s another example: You design jewelry and sell it at local farmer’s markets. You do a lot of the work yourself but also work with partners on specific pieces. You find out that one of the materials your partner has been using is toxic and several people have filed a lawsuit due to injuries they have sustained – you will be included on that lawsuit as well because you, again, fall within the “stream of commerce” for that product.

Product liability insurance allows you to enjoy your business while protecting you from the risks of product exposure. Cambridge Insurance Services gives our clients expert advice on coverage and options for their product liability policies. Call today 480-409-0500 for a free quote and stay protected so you can focus on what matters most.

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