Insurance for Historic Homes


The Phoenix area is home to some beautiful Historical Home districts. The local Willo Historic District home tour is an annual favorite and it’s a great opportunity to see some of the wonderful work and dedication homeowners give to their homes. Even just driving in some of the historical districts in Mesa or Temple people get a sense of the pride and careful planning of homeowners; from details in landscaping to the ornate structural elements of each home.

Cambridge Insurance Services insures many historic homes in the valley because we work with multiple insurance carriers that specialize in insuring historic buildings. One of the most important pieces to insuring a historic home is getting the true value of the replacement costs. Most insurance companies have gone to electronic systems that help them determine costs of reconstruction and building materials. But with historic homes most materials are so unique and {in some cases} irreplaceable, that those electronic systems do a poor job in providing the accurate value on the home and in most cases the homeowner ends up under insured when they make a claim.

This is why Cambridge agents take their time with our clients when putting together a homeowner’s policy for historic homes. We know it’s important to meet the unique needs of our client’s unique historical landmarks and ensure the policy is providing the right coverage.

Some of the other things we encourage homeowners to consider before purchasing or renewing their policy are:

·         Historical Association requirements and standards;

·         Current building codes for electrical, plumbing and insulation; and

·         How do you replace an irreplaceable?

When you own a home in a historical district you take on the role of caretaker for a local legacy – and with the right help from Cambridge Insurance Services you will ensure the proper protection so that legacy will continue to live on.

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