Data Security


How often do you change your passwords? In this growing world of technology every group, blog, website, club and company has login and passwords – but most are variations of a “main” password, so how protected are you? According to a Wall Street Journal article, Ebay prompted 145 million users to change their passwords, because a cyber-attack targeted their “encrypted passwords and other data.” Security breaches like this have been more common place in the last few years and big companies like Target, Apple, and Ebay are falling prey to security hacking.

Cambridge Insurance Services encourages all their commercial and business clients to get the right coverage that will protect them against all their risks. Simple password policies and data security insurance protection will go a long way. Be smart about your coverage; keep your business financially protected against lawsuits and claims surrounding data security losses.

Cambridge Insurance agents will guide you through the quoting process and you will be surprised at the outstanding coverage is for little to no increase in your annual premium.

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