Car Technology


What kind of technology can you not live without? Cell phones, email, Facebook? Well, have you hear of these new technical upgrades for cars?

Blind Spot Warning. According to research by The Hartford, the most popular tech upgrade for vehicles is the blind spot warning feature. Essentially, motion sensors and camera systems are equipped with detection devices to sound an alert if the vehicle gets too close to an object. Is it any wonder why this would be the number one tech upgrade for adult drivers?

Crash Mitigation. This technology is designed to help drivers avoid collisions before they happen. As technology improves, more and more car companies will be integrating these and other technologies into their driving platform, including brake systems and “lane departure” warnings.

Drowsy Driver Alert. Have you ever heard that driving tired can be just as deadly as driving drunk? In fact, most studies show tired drivers are just as impaired as drunk drivers. With Drowsy Driver technology driver profiles are created to help mitigate accidents. Car makers are addressing problems such as tired drivers, by helping detect when drivers are not driving “normal” based on the profile for that driver. These alerts are designed to give drivers time to pull over and take a break if the sensors detect they might be tired.

Safety and protection come in all forms and technology is an exciting way for all drivers to improve their safety and the safety of their passengers. Just like car makers who are thinking out of the box to develop lifesaving advances for their cars, Cambridge Insurance is excited to continually be a source of lifesaving information and educational opportunities to improve driving habits and of course, keep you and your family protect. 




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