Builders Risk or Course of Construction Home Insurance in Arizona

Are you building a custom home?  Most insurance agents don’t have a policy to cover your home while it’s being built.  This type of policy is often called a builder’s risk policy or course of construction policy.  Most agents in town don’t offer this type of policy or don’t know how to write it. 

At Cambridge Insurance we have the experience to know how to write a builder’s risk type of policy and how to estimate the cost correctly as building materials show up at job site. This way you have coverage for building materials showing for the exterior and interior construction of your new home.  It will also make sure you have coverage as interior construction is completed.  This includes the upgrades to your home and installation of appliances. 

We will also need the name of the general contractor and their ROC# to complete the application.  So, give us a call today to quote your builders risk or course of construction policy.  We will make sure you have the protection you need while you’re building your custom home. 

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