Auto Insurance in Chandler AZ

This video from MetLife explains some of the important Safety Features in our cars. Choosing the right car helps to keep one safe on the roads.  Auto Insurance in Chandler AZ is about protecting you with proper coverage but first one must make sure that the vehicle they drive is safe as possible.

Over 18,000 people are injured in rear view accidents every year.  Purchasing a vehicle with a rear view camera (RVC) can greatly assist a driver in being safer.  Blind Spot Protection System (BSPS) is another way drivers can be alerted of accidents about to happen.  Over 450,000 auto accident result from people not seeing what is in their blind spots. 

The driver is the most advanced protection device in your vehicle.  This is why awareness is so important in preventing auto accidents and keeping the costs of your Auto Insurance in Chandler AZ down. Watch this MetLife video to learn more about mastering disaster.

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