Are you prepared for an emergency in Chandler, AZ?


Are you prepared for an emergency in Chandler, AZ?  Most people would probably say they are not.   Whether it is an emergency, local disaster, or catastrophic event, knowing what to do quickly in the case of an emergency can be critical.  Usually in the event of an emergency time is of the essence.  If you know what to do or have a plan in place you can act quickly.  This can make the difference between panicking and acting in the right way. 

To help in the event of one of these types of disasters, we have put together the following, "Are You Prepared for an Emergency in Chandler, AZ?" checklist:

1.) Create an Emergency Plan as a start.  A good emergency plan takes the fear away from the unknown or unexpected.  This is why we feel it is the best place to start.  Reviewing the plan with your family will make sure everyone is on the same page in the event of an emergency.  If you already have a plan in place, then updating this plan will make sure everything is in working order.

2.) Put an Emergency Kit together.  Great things to consider are food, water, clothing, daily medicine, batteries, etc.   The basic essentials can become the most important things needed to survive.  According to FEMA, here’s a full list of materials to include in a basic emergency kit.

3.) Make a Home Inventory List.  If you have a list it can be so beneficial in remembering all the items that have been lost.  You can either write down a list of personal property by room.  Another way is to open all cupboards and drawers and video tape from room to room.  Keeping these inventory lists in a separate location or at an out-of-state relative or friends house will keep them safe.  These home inventory lists are so helpful in providing and listing your personal property to a claims adjuster at the time of a loss. 

4.) Practice Good Home Safety.  Knowing where your utilities are can be so important in an emergency.  You may have to turn off gas mains or electric circuits to prevent leaks and electrical sparks.  You should have a good knowledge of how to safely turn off these sources to prevent further damage or loss.  If you know how to turn off water mains, this will prevent flooding and increased damage.  Another good practice is to replace your batteries in smoke detectors every six months.  This can save lives in the event of a fire.

5.) Review Your Insurance Coverage. The last thing you want to learn in a disaster is that you don't have enough insurance coverage.  The whole point of insurance is to restore or rebuild the property you have lost at the time of a catastrophic event.  Choosing the right amount of insurance is the most important step in answering the question, "Are you prepared for an emergency in Chandler, AZ?"

 Are you prepared for an emergency in Chandler, AZ

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