8 Traveling Safety Tips


8 Tips to Staying Safe While Traveling:

1.       Be Prepared

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” as the saying goes. We can’t prevent all the issues and calamities that could arise while traveling, but be prepared. Consider these things:

·         Weather conditions;

·         Civil and government issues {especially for overseas travel};

·         Delay possibilities and your “Plan B” for such occurrences;


2.       Stay off Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and other media outlets are a wonderful way to share your experiences, but be smart about what you say and do when you are not in town. Keep in mind that not everyone on Facebook is your most trusted and closest friend. The less you say on social media the better protected your belongings will be.


3.       Check Your Health Insurance

Are you going hang gliding, jumping out of an airplane, or another extreme activity? Make sure you see what you’re covered for. Recently a Canadian citizen was injured in Arizona after jumping out of an airplane, only to find out afterwards that her insurance would not cover the claim because they specifically excluded that activity. If you are going out of the country it’s also a good idea to see if your health insurance coverers you, there are specialty insurance plans available to you if you need a supplement for your out of country travels; just contact your Cambridge agent to get more information.


4.       Watch Your Money

Whether you’re away for the weekend or taking a month-long excursion; make sure your financial obligations are handled. Some banks allow you to set up balance alerts or set restrictions on spending – whatever helps you while you’re away, make sure it is set up before you leave.


5.       Rental Cars

Give us a call (480-409-0500) if you are not sure if your policy covers rental cars. We can make sure your policy follows you wherever and whatever you drive. Most auto insurance policies cover rental cars as long as you stay within the United States, but it all depends on what you selected. Most rental car companies offer insurance but it is much cheaper to add the coverage to your existing policy.


6.       Manage the Mail

Don’t let your mail overflow. Aside from it being an obvious sign that no one is home; you may get bills, checks and other important documents while you are away that thieves would be happy to take off your hands. There are several ways to avoid this:

·         Have a friend house-sit so someone is there every day;

·         Have the post office hold your mail; or

·         Have a neighbor pick up your mail.


7.       Credit Cards

Make sure to call your credit card company and tell them the area(s) you will be traveling to – most credit card companies have fraud departments that will shut down a card if there is suspicious spending. If they do not know you will be out of the state or out of the country it is very possible they will shut down your card. Here is the information they typically need:

·         Counties and cities you will be traveling to; and

·         The duration of your trip.


8.       Get Organized

Are you up-to-date on all your There are simple things around your house that will help the return much better:

·         Clean out your fridge;

·         Take out the trash;

·         Sprinkler system is set up on timers; and

·         Animals are cared for.

The majority of Americans have not made arrangements for their children with regard to guardians, should something happen. Or planned properly with life insurance coverage, because there is no better reminder at how fragile and precious our lives than when the wheels of an aircraft leave the ground.



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