4 Tips to a Safe Summer


The weather is warming up which means the outdoor activities are in full blast. Here are a few tips to making sure this summer is the best summer ever!

1.       Drink water! When we are out having fun in the pool or at the lake we forget to hydrate! Arizona sun is brutal the further into the year we get so make sure you are drinking lots of water. There is no hard-fast rule in the amount of water you should drink but if you need a number to shoot for, experts find that men need about 104oz (13 cups) and women need about 72oz (9 cups).

2.       Outside Safety. BBQs fill the entire neighborhood with delicious smells, but what is the most common statement about Arizona heat? It’s dry! Which means everything else is dry. Keep that in mind when you are doing any outdoor cooking. Just keep a bucket of water, sand or dirt nearby in case your cooking gets out of hand.

3.       Wear sunscreen! Your poor skin needs all the protection it can get from intense UV-rays. Make sure to pick up some sunscreen and keep it handy this summer – you will happily avoid terrible sun burns and decrease your skin cancer chances.

4.       Review your insurance. Make sure your water toys are properly covered, make sure your home insurance is up-to-date and be sure to insure any new vehicles before you go out and enjoy them this summer.

Spending extra time with family might be why people add more to their life insurance policies around this time of year. Do you have questions about your life insurance coverage? Are you unsure you have the right protection heading into the best time of the year? Cambridge Insurance Services is here to make sure you and your summer activities are protected, so give us a call: 480-409-0500

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